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ok pals,

i've been wanting to blog for a long time. believe me. jus that work is jus too busy, you know? i'm all like "gots to look at this thing and then write that thing, uh oh, here comes my boss, grah grah."

ok. the few things i have been wanting to blog-a-bout. it probably isn't a surprise to many of you that i listen to a lot of music. not much of it is new, so no big healthy_pod update on new albums and whatnot. what may be a surprise is that i have NOT been listening to music when many people would assume that i WAS. i get to work and i immediately put on my headphones (ha, these are the grados (sr60s) that i have basically stolen from my team) often times i will only realize an hour or two later that i hadn't actually played anything. i've actually listened to very very little over the past couple of weeks. and since these are "open back" headphones it doesn't isolate or anything. i am basically just wearing earmuffs.

and i am fine with that. infact, i would like to wear them all the time. but the cable is just so damn long. maybe i will cut it down. dunno.

today i signed up to be an organ donor. just imagine my kidney walking down the street in some babe that shares the same bloodtype as me. (i don't remember which that is) i hope my brain goes somewhere tho. i don't think they currently use em when they got em. but i want to be all nano-tech and saving some kid who can't say his own name because his own brain is all crazy.

after a call from weets and peter i am definitely going to get the "yyoz" vanity plate. i couldn't get it today simply because of the cash monies situation, but it will cost me the same to get it sometime next month. (like $94 additional onezos.) it is going to be awesome. tho one thing i am sad about is the stupid illinois plate scheme. it blows! i with i still had my NY plates on there! or better yet the old ny plates with the "ghetto yellow wit broke blue writin'"

ok cafe is closing. PEEEEEEEEES


sifting sugar

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hello pal.

what does this blog have that the thread does not? it has so many things. it is a place for more creative endeavors and it is a place that can be read by the entire internet. the web if you will. it is a place that folks will stumble upon long after threads have dissolved. it is a mismash of all sorts of things – or at least it can be.

feel free to post here whenever. there is no thread to the conversations, or there can be. feel free to post musings about what you thought of "the great cake off" last night on the food network or how much you like szechuan stir fry. i don't think it really matters.

also anyway i was joking when i said we needed a blog but then andres went and made one and so now we've got it so do with it what you will.

katie is mad at me for not posting on this blog yet but believe you me i will continue to post on it because at my job i don't get to spend much time on gmail so i can only check the thread a couple times and it is easier for me to post to blog. maybe this will be my blog.

The name is Claw… Claw: the wild eyeball

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if I had any pictures i’d put them up. so i think i’ll post this f’ed up poem i wrote the other day as Part 2 of Antenna Head: Black Collar (It’s meant to be read outloud or sung with bass drum acompiniment. I think it’s gonna actually be a pretty light song)

“I’ve got blood squirting from my throat,” the head gurgles between stammered breaths, a set of fingers now protruding from the growing hole in his neck. When the hand has finally birthed itself it claws the wild eyeballs, squeezing shards of vision into mush. (Scream). “Somehow I knew this all along.” Hair aflame, ashes collecting and dripping in sweat down his back. Vertebra by vertebra nerve endings are popping, exploding in volatile bubbles ripe with fluid and suspect of the air. A coy dance of desire spreads like a disease, the pungent aroma causes him to gag and vomit blood from the black hole in his jugular. (Laughing). (A chorus of voices chant – “You’ve got the black collar now”). An unfamiliar voice wraps around him like a blanket, a turnaquet choking off the thoughts pumping into his brain. The cerebral cortex dies as do these misguided conceptions of reality.

Crunch and splinter the fiborous bones pour marrow, now a slimey blossom, pink and quickly wilting – the skin a loose mesh shredded by the razor blade air. Sharks lock in and tear flesh. Sharks. A school of knife mouthed leeches sleak and fast swarming like electrons – each a vessel each a mind searching for its soul.

The body – finally just an imaginary device. Stop breathing stop seeing stop this focused consumption. (Roar).


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are we seriously going to use this blog? i mean i can post my pictures (like this nice one of sadie.) but what does this got that the thread doesn’t?


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